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3 NYE Cocktails

Who else is tired of 2021? We can’t say it was thaaaat much better than 2020, but New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and we have three of our favorite, easy cocktails you and your guests will love. Our three mimosa varieties will have you forgetting about the past year and have you looking forward to the next. They’re the perfect drinks to cheers in 2022 with!

1. Prosecco Mimosa

Prosecco Mimosa
Prosecco Mimosa

This is the classic mimosa recipe everyone loves for brunch, just made a little bit more fancy with Prosecco and our freshly-squeezed orange juice. Nothing is better than the healthy, fresh flavors of orange to ring in the new year!

2. Grapefruit Mimosa

Grapefruit Mimosa
Grapefruit Mimosa

We’ve put a twist on the traditional mimosa recipe with our freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice! This grapefruit mimosa is a delicious cocktail for New Year’s Eve as the tart juice mixed with the champagne is the perfect drink combination. Hello, 2022!

3. French 77 Mimosa

French 77 Mimosa
French 77 Mimosa

Have you heard of French 77 Mimosas? It’s traditionally made with just lemonade, but we’ve put our own twist on it and also added a splash of orange juice. So now you’ve got both our freshly squeezed lemonade and our 100% orange juice in this tasty cocktail. Nothing screams cheers-ing in the New Year like this delicious drink!

There you have it – 3 easy cocktail recipes for New Year’s Eve. Which one will you be drinking into the New Year?!

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