What you will need:

  • 2 pieces of construction paper (light green and brown)
  • Scissors (we recommend to use safety scissors when working with young children)
  • Craft Glue liquid or stick
  • Pipe cleaners (preferably brown)
  • Black and green marker


  1. Cut out 2 avocado shaped pieces from the light green paper.
  2. On each avocado, use the green marker to color a border around the avocado.
  3. Cut out 2 smaller circles from the brown paper to make your avocado seeds.
  4. On each seed, draw a smiley face using a black marker.
  5. Take four pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Bend four pieces like arms, and four pieces like legs (use images for reference).
  6. Next, take the craft glue, and place four droplets of glue onto the avocado. (use images for reference)
  7. Place the arm shaped pipe cleaners on the top of glue droplets, and the leg shaped pieces on the bottom glue droplets.
  8. You now have dancing avocados.

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