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Convenient Deli Duos


Our delicious deli duos are the perfect grab-and-go lunch option with a combination of your favorite Crazy Fresh sandwiches and salads!

Italian Sub & Salad with Ranch Deli Duo

6.7oz. | #82296 | 795631822960


We’ve come up with the perfect quick lunch with our Italian Sub and Salad with Ranch Deli Duo. This duo is the classic lunch combo, but made for those busy people who want great taste on-the-go. Find us in your local Crazy Fresh retailer today!


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Ham Sandwich & Pasta Salad Deli Duo

9.2oz. | #82286 | 795631822861


If you can’t decide if you’d rather have a sandwich or pasta salad for a quick lunch, then just get both! Our Ham Sandwich & Pasta Salad Deli Duo is the perfect on-the-go lunch that gives you the classic sandwich and salad lunch option.


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