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Crazy Fresh Green Street Tacos Recipe
Crazy Fresh Green Street Tacos Recipe

Tacos are incredibly versatile, and it just comes down to what you want to snack away on when that craving hits.

Our favorite tacos are ones you’d find at a classic Mexican street food stand or food truck – they’re compact, but full of amazing flavor. You can’t go wrong making these at home, which is why we’re giving you one of our favorite recipes so you can have an authentic Mexican taco in your own kitchen.

Since we’re all about easy, everything we have in our recipe is already made; it’s just up to you to assemble. One of the best inventions in our eyes is rotisserie chicken. It’s already cooked, super moist, and makes any recipe that calls for chicken so much easier. So head to your local deli department, pick one up, and shred it up for these tacos.

Along with the other classic taco fillings, we’ve included our Salsa Verde. If you haven’t had this green salsa before, then we think you’re really going to enjoy it! It’s made with tomatillos, sometimes called husk tomatoes, resemble green, unripe tomatoes with a leafy coating around. They originated in Mexico, making our Salsa Verde a great, authentic taco topping.

We hope you enjoy!

Green Street Tacos

Green Street Tacos

What is better to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with than street tacos? Our tacos are full of savory chicken and topped with Salsa Verde, giving them an authentic flavor everyone will love!

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Course: Main Course


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 container Crazy Fresh Salsa Verde

  • 1 cup Spanish rice

  • 1 cup pulled chicken

  • 4 ounces shredded cheese

  • 4 street taco shells


  • Cook rice per instructions on the package.
  • Cook chicken breast (or buy rotisserie from the deli) and shred.
  • Place rice, meat and cheese in the taco shell.
  • Top with Salsa Verde, and enjoy!

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