Keto Cauliflower Bacon Cheese Mash
Keto Cauliflower Bacon Cheese Mash

Keto Cauliflower Bacon Cheese Mash

If you or some of your guests are on the low-carb Keto diet, then they’ll love that they can have their own version of mashed potatoes. You won’t even realize that it’s not the traditional potato dish!

Recipe by Chef Nate
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Course: Sides


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  • 1/2 pound bacon

  • 2 containers Crazy Fresh Riced Cauliflower

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature

  • 2 tablespoons medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil

  • 1/2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

  • Salt


  • Place bacon in a large skillet, and cook over medium-high heat. Drain on paper towel, reserving grease in the skillet.
  • Place riced cauliflower into an Instant Pot. Add 1 cup of water. Close and lock lid. Select steam function, and set timer for 4 minutes. Allow 10-15 minutes for pressure to build.
  • Release pressure carefully using the quick-release method, about 5 minutes. Unlock and remove lid.
  • Add cauliflower and rest of ingredients to a bowl. Add 1-2 tablespoons bacon grease, stir, and serve.
Keto Cauliflower Bacon Cheese Mash

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