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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost here! If you’re like us, you have tons of plastic Easter eggs laying around the house right now. Put them to good use during your Easter egg hunt by filling some of them with fun exercises! Our exercise Easter egg hunt is perfect to get kids up and moving, all while having fun!

Easter Egg Hunt

Step 1: Come Up with Your Exercises

The first step to our Easter egg hunt is to come up with your list of exercises that you want to include. You can just write them down on strips of paper and cut or rip them apart to put into your Easter eggs.

Some great exercises for kids include:

  • Do 10 jumping jacks
  • Touch your toes 10 times
  • Run in place for 30 seconds
  • Do 10 sit-ups
  • Do 10 push-ups
  • Do 10 pretend jump ropes
  • Run around the house
  • Skip in place for 30 seconds

You can use whatever fun workouts you would like to. What are some of your kids favorite ways to keep active?

Step 2: Fill Your Eggs and Hunt!

Once you have all of your workouts figured out, go ahead and fill all your plastic eggs with them. Hide them around the house, in the yard, or wherever you plan on having your Easter egg hunt.

The kid who does the most workouts win! But in our eyes, every kid who is moving and feeling good is a winner! We hope you all have a great Easter!

Also, don’t forget about our Easter egg coloring contest happening on our Facebook page. Send us a Facebook message with pictures of your little ones (10 years and younger) with their Easter egg creations, along with their age and mailing address. Each child will receive a fun gift in the mail, and our age group winners (0-5, 6-10) will get an extra something special. You have until the end of Easter Sunday to participate!

Have fun with our exercise Easter egg hunt!

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