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The Tournament is Here!

March Madness is officially upon us! Have you filled out your bracket, yet? If not, you’re in luck. Today is just the qualifying round for a few teams, so the “official” official start is tomorrow. Who do you have going all the way? Make sure to check out our Facebook page to let us know for your chance to win a great prize!

With so many games lasting all month long, it’s hard to come up with just one game day snack, so we’ve decided to showcase our pre-made deli items and dips! These include:

Since we have so many delicious snack items, you can enjoy one for each day of the tournament!


Gourmet Italian Sandwich
Gourmet Italian Sandwich

We have quite a variety of freshly-made sandwiches for you to enjoy as a snack during the game or as a quick lunch while you’re at work. We have both gourmet sandwiches (think turkey on a nice cranberry and wild rice bread) and hoagies – your classic sub sandwich.


Mediterranean Wrap
Mediterranean Wrap

Who doesn’t love a good wrap? Now you don’t have to spend time making your own. With our five varieties of fresh wraps, you’ll have a different one to enjoy every day of the work week! Each one is better than the other! Which is your favorite?


Crazy Fresh Pinwheel Varieties
Pinwheel varieties

Similar to our wraps, but in small, easy to eat pieces, our pinwheels are some of the best game day snacks out there. We have three delicious options for you to choose from: the classic ham and cheddar, chipotle turkey, and ham and pickle. These are a classic Midwest appetizer, and we enjoy them with a slight twist – topped with guacamole! You’ll be in snacking heaven with these!

Taco Dip & 7-Layer Dip

Taco Dip

One of our best sellers, the Taco Dip would win it all in our bracket. This zesty dip is the absolute king of game day snacks. Scoop it up with Gorilla Chips, and if you’re not careful, you’ll devour the whole tray! Same goes for our 7-Layer Dip. You’re going to fall in love with the layers of deliciousness. We just don’t know if there’s any better option for your snacking needs!


Authentic Guacamole

Or did we speak too soon? Guacamole is always a hit at any party. And besides snacking on it with chips, you can dip bell peppers, carrots, celery and more! And it doesn’t even have to be used as a dip! We’ve posted our 10 favorite guacamole uses on our blog to showcase other ways guac can be enjoyed. And did you know that we have four different freshly-made guacamole varieties? Authentic, Hot & Spicy, Picomole (a blend of Authentic and Pico de Gallo) and Cowboy Guacamole (a mix of Cowboy Caviar and Authentic Guac). We just can’t decide which one is our favorite. They’re all so amazing! Decide for yourself during the tournament!


Seasonal Pineapple Salsa
Seasonal Pineapple Salsa

Last but not least, we have our salsas. Chips and salsa are a pair as old as time, which makes them the classic game day snack. We have so many different varieties of salsa, that you’ll never get bored snacking away during the tournament. We have everything from a non-spicy Pico de Gallo to a sweet Mango Salsa to a super spicy Habanero Salsa. Everything you could want, we think we have!

And there you have it! All the snacks you need to keep you satisfied throughout the whole tournament. Of course, you can always pick up your favorite fresh-cut fruits and veggies if you’re wanting a little healthier options. What are your go-to foods to eat during the game?

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