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Mother’s Day is Sunday! We’re here to help your little ones create a cute Mother’s Day card for Mom, Grandma, Step-Mom, or whoever is a mother figure in their lives!

Our Bunch of Grapes card is a great way to get your little ones using their creativity. First, cut a lot of circles out of purple card stock. Once you have those, place them in a grape formation on a white piece of paper. Glue only the top part of each circle down, so they can be lifted up.

Once the glue has dried, have your little ones come up with all the reasons why they love Mom! Write them underneath all the ‘grapes’ so Mom has to flip each one to read them.

We can only imagine all the cute and funny things your kids will want to write down in this Mother’s Day card. Feel free to share them with us, and happy early Mother’s Day!!

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