Ham Hoagie

8″ | #80462 | 795631804621


When you’re in need of a quick and easy lunch option, then head to your local Crazy Fresh retailer and pick up our 8″ Ham Hoagie! This ham and cheese sub is the perfect middle-of-the-day pick-me-up that kids and adults alike will love.


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Italian Hoagie

8″ | #80461 | 795631804614


Our 8″ Italian Hoagie is the perfect grab-and-go lunch option. You can find this freshly-made sub sandwich in your local Crazy Fresh retailer!


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Turkey Hoagie

8″ | #80460 | 795631804607


Our 8″ Turkey Hoagie is loaded with fresh turkey, cheddar cheese and crisp lettuce. This sub sandwich is perfect for a quick lunch on-the-go. It’s also great to throw in the kid’s lunchbox!


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Chipotle Turkey Pinwheels

3.4oz. | #80464 | 795631804641


Gone are the days of making your own turkey rollups. Now you can have our Chipotle Turkey Pinwheels as a quick, freshly-made snack. Our Chipotle Turkey Pinwheels are made on Lavash bread, giving this snack food a delicious taste!


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Mediterranean Wrap

10oz. | #81045 | 795631810457


Delicious and convenient is our middle name. That’s why we’ve created this amazing Mediterranean Wrap! This wrap is full of Greek flavors such as black olives , spinach, and roasted red peppers. With this grab-and-go lunch, you’ll feel like you transported to the Mediterranean with every bite.


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Ham Sandwich & Pasta Salad Deli Duo

9.2oz. | #82286 | 795631822861


If you can’t decide if you’d rather have a sandwich or pasta salad for a quick lunch, then just get both! Our Ham Sandwich & Pasta Salad Deli Duo is the perfect on-the-go lunch that gives you the classic sandwich and salad lunch option.


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Strawberry Parfait

8oz. | #80730 | 795631807301


Your next breakfast is ready-to-go with our Strawberry Parfait! We only use the freshest strawberries, creamiest yogurt, and crunchiest granola to make this fresh parfait. It’s great as a quick snack, or as an on-the-go breakfast!


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Blueberry Parfait

8oz. | #80731 | 795631807318


Wake up fresh with our Blueberry Parfait! Full of fresh blueberries, this parfait is perfect as a fast, healthy breakfast, and it pairs well with a hot cup of coffee. It’s also a great on-the-go snack that’s also beneficial as your after workout treat.


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