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See what’s in season in the month of March

It’s officially March, which means spring is in the air! Midwest farmers will soon start planting their fruits and veggies so that they’re ready for everyone come summer. And who doesn’t love all those fresh, local goodies?!

While we may not have much local in our neck of the woods this time of year, there are still tons of fresh citrus that are at their peak this time of year. While this isn’t an extensive list, it does include some of the big items. We’ve complied a list of the best fruits and veggies to be eating right now, so be sure to go out to the store to check these out while they’re still around! Check them out below, and be sure to come back in April for an updated ‘What’s in Season’ list!

  1. Sky Valley Navel Oranges
Navel Oranges
Navel Oranges

We absolutely LOVE Sky Valley Navel Oranges! These oranges are only available from January to mid-April, so there’s always a sense of specialness when eating these. They’re grown in California using sour orange root stock, which was commonly used back in the 20th century when planting. But it’s because of this, along with the age of the trees, that gives this navel it’s unique flavor that everyone loves!

Some of the best ways to use these sweet oranges include segmenting them and tossing them in your favorite salad, blending them into smoothies, in your bowl of yogurt, or even topping your vanilla ice cream! The possibilities are endless!

  1. Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges

Most people know blood oranges because of their dark red flesh, which makes these oranges stand apart from their regular ‘orange’ counterparts. They are grown in Florida and California, and are in peak season during the cold winter months, generally December to April. We like this orange variety not only because of the color, but because they tend to be easier to peel and normally have a bit sweeter taste than your average orange.

If you’re looking to enjoy blood oranges as more than just a sweet snack, you can also use them in your favorite cake recipes, as a substitute for lemon flavoring (blood oranges are a bit tart) or to add a pretty pop of color in your next salad recipe. Enjoy these while they’re still around!

  1. Lemons


Speaking of tart, lemons are also a wintertime favorite. Did you know that lemons are one of the world’s most popular citrus? Lemons are popular not only for their taste, but also for their cleaning abilities. A lemon tree can produce fruit year round, but they are in their main season during the winter months.

Everyone probably already has their favorite ways to use this citrus fruit, but if not, we suggest making a delicious lemon meringue pie or lemon pound cake. Add a couple squeezes of lemon to your herbal tea for a nice tart flavor or stick a few slices in your water to give you a wonderful lemon-y taste!

  1. Organic TDE Mandarin

Buck Brand Citrus

TDE Mandarins are a triple cross between Temple Tangor, Dancy and Encore mandarins. The TDE is an easy-peeling, seedless variety that segments super easy. We like it because of its rich, tangy flesh that’s super juicy, high in sugar and with a balance of acidity. It’s one of the most flavorful mandarins out there, and we definitely love when it’s available! This best-selling citrus is generally available from late fall to early spring.

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